Federal Benefits Analysis

The Federal Benefits Analysis (FBA) is a comprehensive report that covers most aspects of your specific federal benefits package.   The report is customized with information from your pay statement, TSP and the specific selections you have made for your benefits, like insurance and savings options.   It will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about how to enhance your benefits and your financial future. 


Pension Calculation

Calculate your pension, based on desired retirement date.   Analysis includes survivor options and cost as well as changes based on delaying retirement up to 10 years.

Graphs and Charts

Show cost of your choices for:
  • Survivor Benefits and
  • TSP Growth Estimate
  • TSP Income Options
  • Social Security
  • Special Retirement Supplement

    Your analysis starts by speaking with our of our Benefits Educators, either in person or by phone, to discuss your situation.    We will gather information from your earnings statement, TSP, and social security so we can tailor our report to your specific needs.     To begin your analysis, complete the brief form below.