Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Step 1:    Education and Introduction

Many of our clients start by attending one of our educational workshops.   These workshops are designed to give you a good overview of your benefits package.    We talk about how your benefit work now, and how they will change over time and into retirement.    We also discuss common issues that many federal employees have faced and how we overcome them.

If you cannot attend a workshop, that’s ok.   We can still provide you information and assistance you need.    We will meet with you one on one, at your convenience, to provide benefits information that is tailored to your needs.

Contact us at 877-751-FEDS to schedule a consultation.

Step 2:   Preparing Your Customized Report

One of the key elements to our process in a complimentary, detailed Federal Benefits Analysis.   This report is customized with information from your Leave and Earning Statement, TSP Statement and other financial documents.  We combine that with your goals for retirement.   The report allows us to see where you stand with your benefits and helps identify where improvements can be made.

The report will show you several key pieces of information.  You will see when you are eligible for retirement and provide details on the FERS Supplement, FEGLI, TSP options, and a lot more.     

Step 3:   Detailed Financial Analysis and Assessment

Your benefits are just one part of your total financial picture.    We combine that information with your personal goals, other financial instruments, and your unique family situation to determine options that includes goals planning, college education savings, life insurance, wealth management and estate planning.  

Step 4:  Building Your Financial Action Plan

This is where we work with you to build a plan.    We will educate you on your available options and help you choose the path that best suits your needs.     It’s important that you make the final decision on your financial options so you understand the benefits and implications of each decision.

Step 5:  Implementation

We put your choices to work for you.    Whether it’s adjusting your retirement options, implementing protection plans, start college savings or moving into retirement, we guide you through the process to implement your financial action plan

Step 6:  Review

This is a crucial step that is often overlooked.    Life changes and the plans we make today may need to be adjusted as our situation changes.      We like to meet with our clients at least annually or whenever they experience a major life event, like buying a house, getting married or having children.   This helps to ensure you stay on the right path for financial success.

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