Federal Benefits and Retirement Workshop

The Federal Benefits and Retirement Workshop is a comprehensive benefits class focused on helping employees to understand and improve their benefits and retirement outlook.     We concentrate on how to apply specific elements of the FERS/CSRS benefits package to the employees' unique financial situation.   Federal benefits are a bit complex.   Our workshop breaks down the benefits into easy-to-understand elements with information the employee can apply immediately.    

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for FERS / CSRS regular employees within all federal agencies and the USPS.    Information included will help younger employees make informed decisions about future planning, like TSP setup and FEGLI.   For those approaching retirement, employees will learn strategies for enhancing retirement income, protecting the family and building a legacy.  Topics will includes the FERS/CSRS Pension, FERS Supplement, Social Security,  TSP Distributions and Pension Maximization.  

Following the workshop

Every attendee will leave with a workbook that helps explain federal benefits in an easy to understand format.   Additionally, they will be offered free Federal Benefits Analysis that will provide a comprehensive explanation of their financial decisions and how they affect their financial future.    Each attendee will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a financial benefits specialist to learn about options for improving their situation and making informed decisions.


Our workshops can be customized to fit your timeframe.   We typically recommend 4 hours for a comprehensive workshop that covers the primary benefits that affect most employees.   We also offer a one-hour overview workshop that is a good primer to be followed up by one-on-one consultation, when requested.   Contact us for scheduling information at info@civilbenefits.com.